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New stands for new zukan!!!

No official stand but making them can be really fun :)

 photo beebs002_zpsb346f650.jpg

Polymer clay and resin.
 photo beebs003_zps516dbd33.jpg

More to come :D

 photo beebs004_zps0f6b3065.jpg

Some new charms :)

Umbreon :D

 photo umbreon0052_zps11321f76.jpg

He came out better than I thought. Umbreon zukan on the side. Its tiny but cute!

 photo umbreon009_zps5795086a.jpg

I might work some more eeveelutions later, :D we'll see!

1.40 Scale Clay figures!

Hand making pokemon sculptures aren't the easiest to make but here's what a little hard work and luck will get you if you apply yourself. :D This was fairly difficult to make!

 photo kfnkn009_zps64be82ed.jpg
Sleeping Slowpoke
 photo kfnkn008_zps80d5b2a1.jpg

Next to the Slowpoke zukan :D He's 1/40 scale too!

 photo kfnkn004_zps7f5d3d19.jpg

 photo kfnkn002_zps5df1e096.jpg

More to come! :D Thanks for taking a peek!

New fun

New projects for the new year! I'll be making these a lot now :D I plan on making all of them if possible.
 photo jyfyhgvuy014_zps2bff46e7.jpg

The 8 bit look is nice in my opinion.
 photo jyfyhgvuy020_zps8d87301e.jpg

 photo jyfyhgvuy015_zpsc8648e3e.jpg
 photo jyfyhgvuy017_zpsd9bdcc1c.jpg
 photo jyfyhgvuy018_zps56c0c91a.jpg
 photo jyfyhgvuy016_zps369d0dec.jpg

Future Trading!

Here's my current collection with some on the way! :D Eventually I'd like to do partial trades maybe for other rare zukan. If you're interested in any of these, let me know! I'll soon be able to trade!

 photo tag003_zps653504ef.jpg

I changed the bases on some so they would fit better but most have the original base :)

 photo tag002_zps42b14c28.jpg

They're all in new condition as they come from a smoke/pet free home! Plus they're dusted regularly and kept out of the sun :)

 photo tag005_zpsc37cf986.jpg

 photo tag006_zps43c4dcb2.jpg

Happy hunting!

Future collection!!!

I'm going for it!!! I'm goin for gold!!! Well, more like I'm going for some zukan I want(which is equal to gold in my opinion hehehe). Bidding is exciting and fun. The winner's joy, or the loser's pain! It's a roll of the dice that I'm willing to throw, over and over and over...until i lose too much and just wanna quit. But then I look at the picture of what I lost and just get that urge thats a burnin' to try again. I believe i may have a problem.. But im too busy to care! I'm goin for it! And I hope you are too!



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